Devil river kayaking

Devil river kayaking tour

The daveil river day tour with kayaks

The Davil bay


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In the middle of summer, what could be better than a scenic kayak trip along a creek near the sea? Dyavolska river is located in Southeastern Bulgaria, Primorsko municipality, and flows into Dyavolska Bay on the Black Sea. It is about this place that there are myths and legends about dragons, vampires, and supernatural beings that appeared to shepherds and local people in the forest in the most bizarre forms. However, the fact is undeniable that there is a very strong energy here, which is at its peak during the summer solstice. According to belief, wishes come true at sunrise. We hope it sounds interesting to you.

Day 1
We gather in the morning around 9:30 in Primorsko at the starting point. We will meet each other and head to our starting point to enter the kayaks. There we will conduct Training and Instruction on proper paddling, handling, and behavior in the kayak. We have plenty of time to walk a large part of the mysterious Devil's River, and we hope it will share some of its secrets with us. Its calm waters are a great place to relax. We will paddle a few hours upstream, enjoying the wonderful greenery of the surrounding forest.
We find a suitable place to hang out and indulge in a well-deserved rest. So, engrossed in stories and enjoying the newly acquired kayaking skills, we head back to Devil's Bay, where our kayaking trip ends. The tiredness in the hands and the smiles on the faces will long bring back memories of those wonderful moments of water sports and the first experience in kayaks.