Bulgaria offers wonderful opportunities for eco and adventure tourism. Some adventurers want to have more than one extreme activity in their adventure vacations. Multi-sport trips rapidly gaining popularity among travelers. We offer some variants for your multi-sport adventure vacations.

Whether you combine kayaking with canyoning, hiking with caving, scuba diving into the sea after mountain biking or horseback riding and rock climbing – positive emotions are guaranteed. Our multi-sport adventure holidays can be customized. If you’re looking to join an existing group of fearless adventurers, these trips are for you, and they’re a lot of fun. We don’t have set multi-sport adventure trip dates. Contact us for more information about everything you want to know. These adventure vacations are ideal for single travelers, couples, and a group of friends traveling together. We specialize in small group Multi-sport adventure trips. There is a very strong focus on Bulgarian culture in our adventures and we do our best to ensure that we’re having authentic encounters with the local people. Every trip route is unique and combines a range of activities.

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