This kind of adventures are completely new in most parts of the world and Bulgaria. It is a great way to see wonderful Bulgarian territory from another point of view. Trekking in the canyons and caves is on virgin territory, at least for tourists. Less than half a dozen canyons and caves are known to “outsiders”, and only the local people are at home in the wilderness of rocks, precipices, cliffs, waterfalls and hidden valleys of Bulgarian mountains.

Caving in Bulgaria is an opportunity to experience a natural environment unlike any other in the surface world. There are about 4620 caves found in Bulgaria by now and each of them has a specific history. Most of them are explored and approachable for visit. Traces of pre-historical life has been found in many caves. Seven of the caves in Trigrad region are with pre-historical life (4300 BC). The beauty of the numerous stalagmites, stalactites, dendrites, and water pools make the Trigrad caves a favorite spot for many tourists.

Bulteam Adventures offers you one different and exciting adventure. Explore the wildest parts of Bulgaria – the caves. Caving you will dive into one completely new world of shapes, creatures and plant and experience entirely new sense of darkness.

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