Guided Diving Black sea

Shore Diving / Dive sites

Black sea is mainly shore diving. There is no need to take boats as we have beautiful underwater canyons, caves, archaeological objects and fauna all around us. The dive sites are situated where it is easy to access the water. For most dive sites this means there is a small wild beach or rocky coast that allows us entry. Some dive sites are only dived on calm days.
Some dive sites are accessed only by boat (for example wreck diving) - please send a request for them.
All dive sites are available to you. We do not discriminate and limit where you can dive, based on cost. Some dive sites are deeper than others and require an Advanced Open Water certification. Others may be off limits due to weather conditions. If we feel a dive site is beyond your current ability we will be honest with you and suggest ways we can help you to improve to get you to a level where you and your instructor are comfortable in your ability to safely complete the dive. We won't ask you to do anything you are not capable of doing and will not push you to do a dive simply because we want to keep you in with a group.

Check Dive

We expect everyone to do a check dive with us. A check dive is simply a chance to assess your ability, check your weighting and ease you back into diving. We have a responsibility to the local environment, other divers and our guests to ensure they are safe in the water. We may ask that you do a quick quiz of questions with multiple choice answers - the idea is that the answer is there and it helps with your recall of the theory.


This is purely about the experience and does not come with a qualification at the end. A guided dive is sheer fun and experience and that is its own reward.

Typical Day - Guided Diving

09 00 h. – Meeting at thе pre-arranged place.
09 00 – 10 30 h. – We would start the day with a coffee and a chat just to make sure everyone is ready for diving.
When you first arrive we would ask that you bring your logbooks, diving certification cards and your passport or a copy, all to help with the signing in process. If you have a medical statement signed by a doctor, please remember to bring it with you.
After a little paperwork, we will issue your equipment.
You will get a briefing with a map of the site and the key points will be explained to you. Key points may be specific to the entry and exit or currents, along with a review of signals and emergency procedures.
10 30 - 16 00 h. – And then your instructor will load the car and take you to the dive site for the dive.
Some dive sites are too close to each other, it makes sense to take everything you need for both dives.
The instructor will usually allow you to decide when you want to do the next dive. You will follow computer / dive tables in making this decision as you can't choose to go back too soon. You may decide to wait or you may choose to move quickly to the next dive.
After the first dive you may sit and relax or move onto the next site and take a break there. After a suitable surface interval, and when everyone is ready, you would have the briefing for the next dive.
Having done the dive you will return straight back to the meeting point.
16 00 h. – Departure