Do you enjoy the outdoors? Do you like the feeling of the rush of adrenaline?

Come with us and take An Unique Paintball Experience!!!

Paintball is an exhilarating sport that is fun to play! It is a way of life for millions of people around the world -'The Action Sport for Today's Adrenaline Junkies’. Every game is different, every team is different, and you'll experience the adrenaline rush every time you play!

Paintball give you an opportunity to feel the rush of adrenaline for a longer period of time. Feelings that successfully can be compared with the climber on the overhanging rock. What will surely remain in you is the memory of the first and joy of the upcoming games.

Paintball is an action-packed game of fun and adventure – one of the world’s most exciting outdoor sports. Paintball is enjoyed by men and women of all ages and lifestyles and the novice can have a blast right along with the dedicated weekend warrior.

Great atmosphere, great people, great fields, and great prices what more is there to say.

Join us for a day you will never forget!!!

Outdoor Paintball Adventure in Bulgaria

Outdoor Paintball Adventure in Bulgaria

The Games

Paintball is an exciting recreational game and organized sport played around the globe year round, outdoors. The most basic game is “Capture the Flag” where the object is to capture the other team’s flag and return it to your team’s home base “flag station” for the win while defending your own flag from the other team!  A game field is scattered with the natural terrain, which players use for strategic play. Rules for playing paintball vary, but can include capturing the flag, Run the Flag, Freeze, Central Flag/Steal the Beacon, Reinforcements, V.I.P, last man standing, Station attack, Hunter scalps, Old War, Duel, Eliminations, Defending or attacking a particular point or area, or capturing objects of interest hidden in the playing area. Depending on the variant played, games can last from seconds to hours, or even days.

The Time

Varies - According to the level/skill of the players, firepower, strategy and other. From one hour to several hours.

If you love adventures, if you have a spirit of players and like the challenge of competitive battle emulation 

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The Price

10 EURO per person

*** Additional fee of balls are as follows: 50 balls = 3 EURO 100 balls = 5 EURO 200 balls = 8 EURO 500 balls = 13 EURO

The Place

In the woods near Varna

The Equipment

  • Instructor
  • Training
  • Full equipment (clothing - paintball gun, overalls, mask)
  • 100  paintballs

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