Teambuilding Development

Our teambuilding programs are based on three main and key activities:

  Exploration and interview - Collecting data

  Analysis and evaluation - Using facts and information

  Planning - Collaboration and brainstorming

  Proposal - Offering and discuss our ideas

  Organizing and conducting - Тhe actual event


Challenge; Positive attitude; Professionalism;

Teambuilding Bulgaria

Exploration and interview

We need your assistance to make an interesting, effective, and fun teambuilding for your team. First of all, we need information about you for the optimal proposal. We can listen to you carefully to gain insight into the company and the team, with all its specifics.

We try to comply with your requirements:

  • Duration of the event?
  • Location?
  • Concept - Race or cooperation?
  • Looking for benefits?
  • An approximate number of participants?

We have divided our teambuilding into several conditional categories:

  Creative Team Challenges - Create the arts

  Treasure hunt - Searching the treasure around

  Musical - Synchronize the sounds

  Go Green - Just go outdoor togather

  Icebreakers & Energisers - Games to thing and moving

  Community & Environment - Cammunication and build togather

  Just for fun - Enjoy your thime togather

  Indoor Games - For the coldest part of the year

  Adventure and active - The real adventure


Analysis and evaluation

Designing a teambuilding program is a creative activity. We think and make decisions in line with our opportunities and experience and your requirements and budget.


The most suitable place! (Terms, Nights, Transportation, Landscape, Resources, Expenses)
The most appropriate activities and activities (Conformed)
Timing (How long do we need to run the program)
Resources (What we need to materials, equipment or environment to offer a range)
Facilitators and instructors (How many people and what competencies do we need to meet the requirements and be effective)
Realists are creating programs that we are sure we will be successful.


We formally submit your plan proposal. We are open to comments and changes. We look forward to your approval or comment.

Organizing and conducting

Here is our part. It is important, however, to cooperate with us. It is important for the team to have inspired the team properly. We need to know that the teambuilding starts as soon as we know that we are expecting a teambuilding. That's why we've been working with your attitudes right from the start. After everything has passed, the emotions have passed and we ask ourselves the questions: "What happened?" And "Why?"
We regard teambuilding as a process and development, not as a one-time event. We aim through targeted practical sessions, team games and discussions, activities to activate the innate sense of belonging to a community.

Your teambuilding options

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