Yantra river kyakiking day tour

  Kolyu Ficheto’s Bridge

  Beautiful nature


  Bulgarian villages

Day 1

10 00 h – Meeting at the bri dge of Nikola Ficheto near Byala town, north from Veliko Tarnovo.
10 30 h – Organise the eqipment and take an instuctions and short kayaking training course.
11 00 – 15 00 h. – Paddling with the kayaks downstream, enjoing the peace and the beauty of the nature around the river.
16 00 – Exiting near village of Beltsov and departure.
A special feature of the river are the many gorges it forms by crossing the Forebalkan area, the largest one being close to Veliko Tarnovo, 7 km in length, albeit actually two times longer due to the river’s many turns.