Adventure round torur in Samothrake island

  Saos mountain trekking

  Kayaking tour

  Fonias canyon

  Terma termal springs

Day 1

We leave from Bulgaria to Alexandroupolis. We meet in the parking lot of the harbor. We catch the late ferry for Samothraki and around 6:30 we are on the island. We move to Terma, where we will be staying in a cozy guest house with an orchard and a possibility to cook food.

Day 2

Early after breakfast, we ride the bikes along the coast of the island, enjoying the scenery and aroma of savory. Around lunch, we arrive at the island's easternmost beach, Kipos. We crucify a picnic to support and prepare the kayaks to enter. We briefly instruct and enter the water. Ride along the southern coast of the island (if conditions permit), where the rocky shore seems to go out of the water and rise up to 1600 in the heavens. In the turquoise sea, there are rounded stones, and hundreds of small fish and sea urchins are seen below. We go through the most interesting and hard-to-reach places around the island - pristine beaches and impressive waterfalls coming directly into the sea. We go to perhaps the most beautiful beach on the island of Vatos, where we relax, and those who wish to snorkel in the salt waters of the Aegean Sea. We return to Kipos and come back to the house.

Day 3

The third day is separate from the challenge of obeying the highest peak of Mount Saos. The trail leaves from the Terma Passes past cobblestones and carnivores in its lower part, passes a centuries-old oak forest and goes out in its open area through steep cliffs and hammers to the top of which you can see clearly the whole island.

Day 4

On the 4th day, we go to sleep until 8:00 am to recover from the difficult transition. The day is reserved for rest and walk. We will have to visit the archaeological complex and the museum nearby, the stone tower and the eco-trail at Fonias Canyon. Late afternoon we give a brief training and the basic techniques we will use in the canyon the next day. We can not miss the mineral bath, after which all the pain of the previous days is gone.

Day 5

The last day of the island must be memorable. Early in the morning to 7 we tighten the gear and move to Fonias. We distribute our luggage and take a walk along the river. It takes us to the foothills of the mountain and begins to cut into rocks with steep climbs. After about an hour of walking, we reach the canyon entry. There are several waterfalls and jumps in the clear waters of the mountain stream. After nearly 4-5 hours of struggle with the water, we leave the canyon reborn. We return to the bathroom and toilet house and head for a small tavern in the center of the Terma.

Day 6

We have tugged up the luggage and at 7 am we are waiting for our return ferry. We divide into Alexandroupolis with a laugh and filled with positive emotions.

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