Explore the world

We dream of changing your world, revealing opportunities for the most wonderful time you ever had, throwing you into something completely unknown: different culture, different wildlife and sights, a different way of life. All this will create feelings you have never felt and will make our journey with us one of the most memorable experiences. We are people who travel in the backpack style and are looking for supporters to get to know the world together.

Explore the world

Приключение на Самотраки

Feel free

We hope our travels will feel free and you will feel that life is easy. This is the basis of the wonderful journey, leaving the cares and problems at home and enjoying every moment of the journey. This is the reason why we do not keep strict timeframes and routes. The casual journey enables us to truly explore the destination and appreciate the surrounding beauty and the contact with the people around us.

You control the action

We want you to feel as though your trip is your journey and you can do whatever you want. Our task is to show you the opportunities and to provide safety.

Lead your trip

Meet new people

Meet new people 

Much of the trip is the people we meet and communicate with. We believe that every trip brings us a unique experience, meeting us with different people and points of view for the world. We present our simple tricks - like a group of friends who walk around and have fun together. Your guides are an integral part of the group and will help you in any way during the trip, but they will also have fun with you.

Be traveler, not a tourist 

The main reason to call our travel adventure is in the perception of the people involved. These are travelers and not tourists. We believe we believe we give people the opportunity not only to see an object, country or destination, but also to feel it. Our goal is to stimulate your curiosity and feed your senses with new sights and feelings to feel the benefit and joy of traveling in your life.

Be a traveler

Journey of your life

A journey that you never forget

Our goal is to create the ideal framework for your epic journey. Just imagine - a group of enthusiastic friends are on a journey and organizational details are our concern. For you, you still have to enjoy the amazing things you will face in the coming days. We not only want to show you, and we want the journey with us to reveal new perspectives and longings, and the point of all this is to do it together.

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