Paddling in Strandja nature park

  Relaxing on the unique beach

  Picnic in the nature

  Amazing river lagoon

Day 1
10-00h. – Arrival at the starting point nearby village of Sinemorets.
10 30 h. – Instructions and short training course.
11 00 h. – We`ll paddle upstream and explore the wonderful nature in the Strandja mountain - a real wild kayaking adventure. When we decide, we`ll turn back downstream all the way to the see and we`ll enjoy the peace and the beauty of the unique lagoon.
13 30 h. – 14 00 h. – We will take a rest and enjoy the sun on the beach surrounded by fresh and sea water.
14 00 h. – 14 30 h. – We`ll jump back in the kayaks and we`ll go back to the starting point.
14 30 h. – 16 00 h. – Lunch and BBQ in the woods on the riverbank
16 30 h. – Departure.
One of the most enchanting places of the Bulgarian seashore will be revealed to us on the river valley, by Sinemorets. Everyone who had decided to join us will be able to feel the mysticism through the eyes of a real kayak adventurer.