Two days kayaking in Central Rhodope Mountains

  Studen Kladenets dam lake

  Konevski waterfall

  Darets village

  Muflons island

  The longest cable-stayed bridge in Bulgaria

Day 1
Travel, Lisitsite bridge and Middle Arda
Start traveling early in the morning to have a time enough for paddling. In early afternoon we are at Shiroko pole village ready for paddling. Unload the equipment and organize the short training trying to know each other. This day will paddle to the longest rope bridge in Bulgarian situated cross the lake to the village of Lisitsite. The bridge I the only way to the village. We will see the from the lake and paddling back east to the middle Arda region. We will find our hosts there in the house at the rocks next to the dam lake.

Day 2
Muflon’s island, the waterfall, the rocks reserve, Darets village
After the breakfast we will start our full day paddling to the most remote parts of the lake. We always try to mix the activity with a relaxing ours at some picturesque spot. The plan is to land the Muflon’s island and take a rest. After we will fallow the lake and choose our lunch spot. The next point in our journey is Konevski waterfall hidden in a tiny gorge next flouting the lake. We will pass the rocky shore home of slaughtered eagles and vultures. Our afternoon break we take on forgotten village Darets where the only way to go is by the boat. Will go back to the house around before sunset and we definitely need a rest and diner at the terrasse next to the lake.

Day 3
Perperishka river (morning paddle)
After the morning coffee we jump into the kayaks again planning the short route to Perperishka river just few km away from the house. The river is surrounded by 90 meters high rocks and you feel really small. After that we will paddle back to Siroko pole where is our transportation and say good bay to this beautiful area of Bulgaria.