1. Visit Rilla Monastery, included in UNESCO world heritage list!
    2. Go tenting somewhere in the central Balkan mountains and find the beauty of the night sky!
    3. Horse riding in the Western Rhodope Mountains is a really unforgettable experience.

  1. Take a trip deep into the water cave Golubovitsa!
  2. Yagodinska cave is an obligatory part of your tour programme!
  3. Find canyoning at Chatak dere or popular Devil eco trail near Borino in Rhodope mountains!
  4. Be adventurous. Plan a rock climbing trip with an experienced guide.
  5. Find Haramiiska cave with an extreme and memorable caving experience!
  6. Visit Devil Throat cave – you will not regret!
  7. Rent a jeep to go to the panoramic view platform Eagle Eye!
  8. Do not miss rafting at Struma river!
  9. Kayak at Ivailovgrad dam lake!
  10. Discover beautiful North sea shore with a kayak from Bolata to Kaliakra cape!
  11. Canyoning near Medven village!
  12. Visit Veliko Tarnovo the old capital of Bulgaria!
  13. Rock climbing lovers don’t miss Vratcata!
  14. Recommended stop in your trip is Raysko Praskalo waterfall. With 124,5 meters it is the highest waterfall at the Balkans!
  15. Visit the Seven Rila lakes!
  16. Hike the Koncheto in Pirin mountain!
  17. Canyoning at Negovanka canyon – adventures and unforgettable emotion!
  18. Cross Bulgaria walking through the spine of the country. It is a challenge for every mountaineer – the route Kom – Emine!
  19. Go to Jrebchevo dam lake and see the submerged church in Jrebchevo with the kayaks!
  20. Try Kamchia river kayaking!
  21. Go camping to the south Bulgarian seashore and feel the spirit of the 80’s!
  22. Enjoy the mouth of Veleka River with the kayaks – one of most scenic places in Bulgarian seashore!
  23. Bike through East Rhodope!
  24. Take a step into history and visit a historical town Kaprishtica!
  25. Experience old Bulgarian cultureНе in the old town of Plovdiv!
  26. Enjoy the calming and kayaking near Wonderful rocks in the Eastside of Bulgaria!
  27. Visit some medieval rock monasteries. There are so many in Bulgarian and really interesting.
  28. Explore the eco trail and waterfall near Hotnitsa village!
  29. Visit Krushunski waterfalls and try caving nearby the river!
  30. Fly up in the sky with paraplanner near Sopot!
  31. Find Duranculak lake! Saddle up and see the oldest buildings in the Europe!
  32. Discover beautiful Strandzha mountains with a mauntain bike!
  33. Explore some Thracian tombs. There are many of them in Bulgaria. Most of them are very well preserved.!
  34. There is a museum in every small town in Bulgaria. If you desire for history and culture those are your places!
  35. Try skiing around Borovets resort!
  36. Skiing in Pamorovo resort is a perfect option for the winter time!
  37. Pamporovo biking downhill run will take your breath away.
  38. Dive into the crystal water near Tsarevo at the south seashore!
  39. Take a walk in the old Sozopol – ancient Apolonoa!
  40. Visit old Nesebar – out of the summer season!
  41. Find amazing sea kayaking adventure to St. Anastasia Island!
  42. Try Bungee jumping from Asparuhovo bridge in Varna – 100% adrenalin.
  43. Meet your fear at the bungee jumping from Vitinia bridge!
  44. Kayak through the Yantra river!
  45. Visit some of the rock fests!
  46. Try canyoning near Stara reka!


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