Kayaking day Varna lake

  Varna bay

  Endangered birds habitat

  Fishermans villages

  Traditional Bulgarian foods

Day 1
9 00 h – Meeting at the center of Varna
9 30 h – Arrival at the entry point.
9 30 h – 10 00 h - Instructions and short training course
10 00 h – 12 00 h – Paddling in the lake, enjoying the views, the beauty of nature and the many small wharfs and yachts.
12 00 h – Have a lunch at the lakeside (in a small restaurant - optional).
13 00 h – Jump back to the kayaks and paddle to the exit point.

In the distance you can see the cranes of the harbor, the shore is covered with a rush and hundreds of seagulls hovering over the boats. This accessible and wild place gives us the chance to escape from the dynamics and to enter the water serenity, within 10 minutes away from the city.

Varna lake kayaking