Kayaking Karaagach river

Lonely rock bay

Unique river outflow

Picnic in the nature

Classic camping atmosphere

Day 1
10 00 h. – Meeting in the town of Kiten
10 30 h. – Instructions and short training course
11 00 h. – We`ll paddle with the kayaks upstream and explore the wonderful nature of the south Bulgarian shore. A real wild kayaking adventure. When we decide, we`ll turn back downstream all the way to the sea and we`ll enjoy the peace and the beauty of the unique beach.
13 30 h. – 14 00 h. – We will take a rest and enjoy the sun at the beach.
14 00 h. – 14 30 h. – We`ll jump back in the kayaks and we`ll go back to the starting point
14 30 h. – 16 00 h. – We will try a cute food bar at the camping Kiten
16 30 h. – Departure from the park