Two days in western Rhodope mountain

  Beglika dam lake 

  Eternal pine forests

  Wild camping (option)

Day 1
10 00 pm. – We arrive at the starting point near the wall of the dam Beglika.
10 30 pm. – Препаринг the kayaking equipment and conduct a short briefing on kayaking in calm waters.
11 00. – 18 00. – Descend the steep slope to the cold waters of the lake. Enter the water and our objective are the most inaccessible spots – on the islands in the lake and small sleeves. After a few hours of paddling, we`ll choose a nice place for picnic and rest. 18 00. – Pulling out the kayaks at the starting point in the late afternoon and organizing a camp.
20 30 pm. – We can sit back around the campfire and enjoy the silence of the Rhodopes.

Day 2

9 00 pm. – In the morning we`ll make a fast breakfast and tea and head to the Shiroka Poliana Dam.
10 00. – 15 00. – Paddling around the Shiroka Poliana Dam. We`ll Get out on a lovely meadow for lunch near the area „Kaval Tepe“. After the nice break, we`ll continue to the southernmost point of the basin, where the narrow channel goes even smaller dam – Swamp. 15 00. – Pulling the kayaks out of the water and departure.