Two days in western Rhodope mountain

  Shiroka Poliana dam lake 

  Eternal pine forests

  Wild camping (option)

Day 1
We leave together with organized transport or meet at a previously specified point, around the dam lake. If necessary, we can recommend or organize an overnight stay in the area to facilitate logistics before the tour. Before noon on the appointed day, we go to the Rhodope Mountains. Without wasting time we gather the group and as expected organize a short safety briefing. The kayaks are already on the shore of the reservoir. The day is planned for a tour of the dam, which is far from being among the largest reservoirs in Bulgaria, but if we try to get the most out of it, we need almost the whole day. The scenery is stunning. In calm weather, the water is like a mirror, reflecting the dark green pine forests and the cotton clouds above. The plan is to do a full-day walk with short breaks on one of the hard-to-reach islets. In the evening, after going out, we will organize a bivouac around the dam, where we will camp or stay in one of the guest houses in the area.

Day 2
Optional we could include some other adventure tours nearby. There are available kayaking tours, canyoning adventures, or sightseeing day treks.