Private tours

Many travelers prefer to design their own departures as individuals, couples or families. We can custom design an itinerary for all our destinations that offers the same high standard of lodging and guiding we use on our scheduled group trips. You choose your preferred standard of accommodations, travel dates and the amount of time to spend at the various sites along the way. With advance planning we can match a specific guide to your group's interests.

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In Bulteam we are specializing in outdoor private tours. The emphasis is put on nature, sport, history, and culture. Our private tours will take you away from the noisy big towns in order to show you Bulgaria and the Balkans the way they are.

The team of Bulteam is always open to welcome you warmly and offer you alternative and pleasant emotions in Bulgaria and on the Balkans. Our professional guides will take care to provide you with peace and security, as well as, give you an opportunity to enjoy your experience with them.

When you plan your private tours you can rely on us:

  Where and what to do?
  Necessary equipment?
  Do you need a guide?
  Transportation and transfers?
  Where to stay?

All our private tours are custom guided in relation to your interests, expectations, and possibilities.

Private Tours

Day tours

Our day tours are custom made in relation to your location. Usually, we become part of your trip when you decide that within a given day we can make use of our time together. Usually, these are outdoor adventures associated with exploring the natural features, culture, and history in the region. You can see some of our suggestions for day tours here.If one day is not enough for you, check out our day tours here.


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Round tours

Our round tours are an unforgettable combination of active outdoor movement and relaxing atmosphere of typical Bulgarian traditions and culture. We depart together and come back together. We go through countless adventures and moments together and at the end, we still climb the mountain. Our round tours pass through the high mountains of southwestern Bulgaria, the narrow gorges and streams and the whole mystery the Rhodope mountains. Our round tours also pass through the valley of the Thracian kings, climbing in order to reach the spine of Bulgaria and later descending the steep canyons in the Danube plain. Moreover, our round tours will make you enter deep caves, crossing crystal waterfalls and moving east in order to peek into the secrets of ancient fortresses and reach the Black Sea coast.


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Custom trips

If you are not interested in the typical tours where boring guides repeat their speeches аgain and again day after day but you want to create your own unforgettable custom trip/holiday, then you have come to the right place.

Plan your trip with us!

In your custom trips, you can include whatever you want in every travel style.

All desired destinations and activities are allowed.

All custom trips are unique and tailor-made according to your budget, energy, and interests.

Our custom tours are designed in a way to be close to you and make you be not just observers but a part of what is happening. Everything is possible and the adventure is guaranteed.

We will pick you up: from every part of Bulgaria

Duration: you decide!
Departure: Always All time
What is included: You decide!

You just need to provide us with more details about your point of view of custom trips, and we will give you back all the trip organization and best proposals. We need all this information in order to meet properly your requirements and expectations!

We need to know more of who, where and when he/she is going to travel!

Let us take the stress out of research your adventure. The first step is to fill out the form below or give us a call at +359 887 915846. We'll put you in contact with one of our destination experts to start planning.