Botev peak summer trekking

   Botev peak 2376m

   "Raisko praskalo" waterfall


Day 1  (Hello Old Mountain)

Meet you at the Sofia airport and transfer you to the beginning of the tour in Kalofer. The trail starts from Panicite area and after a few hours of walking we are at Rai hut. We will overnight here.
(8,0 km; 4,5 hrs of walking, climbing 690m/2264ft)

Day2 (The summit)

We get up early after breakfast and head northwest. We will enjoy the beauty of the highest waterfall in the Balkans - the Paradise Sprinkler (Raiskoto Praskalo) (124.5m) before we take on Tarzan Trail (about 1 km). The route involves overcoming the Paradise Rocks in their westernmost part. Although the trail is named after meteorologist and mountaineer Todor Bozhkov - Tarzan, who suffered misfortune on it, it is not so scary under normal weather conditions. It is important not to underestimate it and just a little more concentration is needed. Above the Paradise Rocks, we walk on the path (2km) along the rounded slopes of Mt. Botev until we get to the weather station on the very top. We will take time for rest and photography, then descend west to Botev shelter. Will have lunch and tea here. We head west along the southern slopes of the mountain and admire the view at our feet. Our goal is to Vasil Levski hut. It is the first and oldest hut in Stara Planina and the third in Bulgaria. It is part of the international route E3 Kom-Emine. It will soon be 90 years since its construction. About 10 minutes from here is Karlovsko praskalo waterfall, which is about 30 meters high.
(13,5 km; 7,5 hrs of walking, climbing 947m/3107ft descending 1025m/3363)

Day3 (Descending)

The last day of our adventure is completely filled with going down to the town of Karlovo, which does not make it any easier. The crossing passes through the Stara reka reserve. The trail looks easy and gentle, but in fact it overcomes more than 1000 m of elevation gain. On the way we pass two more huts - Balkan Roses and Hubavets, which are about 45-50 minutes from each other. If you have time, we will stop by the Black Splash waterfall. After the Hubavets hut, the path descends steeply into the Stara Reka canyon and exits in the town of Karlovo at Suchurum waterfall.
(10,00 km; 5 hrs of walking, descending 1000m/3280ft)
*The tour can be easily rearranged depending on your preferences and needs.