Malyovithsa hiking day tour

One day hike to Malyovitsa peak

Day hike to Malyovitsa in Rila Mountain

   Malyovitsa hut

   Malyovitsa peak


Meet you early in the morning, pick you up at Sofia and transfer to the beginning of the tour. We will go on a round trip through the valley of Malyovitsa river until we reach the top and then we will return. We have 40min. hike to Malyovitsa hut from the parking. After a short rest, we start to cross the beautiful valley. This part is almost flat. At the end of the valley we reach a serious elevation and rocky path. That is the real face of Malyovitsa. After the first attack to that height we reach "Elena's lake", a perfect place for a short break. Soon we step to the main ridge. We see a perfect view to the valley surrounded by high crests. All around us we can observe by impressive peaks and Rila monastery looks so close to us from the top. We need less than an hour to reach the very emblematic summit and enjoy the incredible views. Finally, we will drive you back to the city.

During the hike, you will experience an elevation gain of 900 meters. The duration of the hike will be 8 hours and the whole trip will be around 11-12 hours long. Consequently, it is a requirement for this program to have prior mountaineering experience and a good physical condition.


Kayaking day tour Kamcha river

Kamchia river kayaking


  Paddling in “Kamchia” biosphere reserve

  Relaxing on a desert beach

  Lunch in a restaurant nearby the river

Day 1
10-00 h. – Arrival in the Kamchia Resort
10 30 h. – Instructions and short training course
11 00 h. – We are going to paddle with the kayaks upstream and explore the wonderful nature in the park. A real wild kayaking adventure. When we decide, we`ll turn back downstream all the way to the sea and we`ll enjoy the peace and the beauty of the endless Kamchia beach.
13 30 h. – 14 00 h. – We will take a rest and enjoy the sun on the longest beach in Bulgaria.
14 00 h. – 14 30 h. – We`ll jump back in the kayaks and we`ll go back to the starting point.
14 30 h. – 16 00 h. – Have a lunch in a beautiful restaurant on the riverbank.
16 30 h. – Departure from the park.
Kamchia biosphere reserve has spectacular scenery with a large variety of plants and animal species. You can observe them from a different point of view. Be an adventurer kayaker, do something different and run away from everyday life. We promise full enjoyment for the adventurers.