Kayaking Karaagach river

  Amazing nature of the dam

  “Chudnite skali” (Wonderful Rocks) natural wonder

  Abandoned Tower

Day 1
10 30 h. – Meeting in Asparuhovo village
11 00 h. – Arriving to the starting point – near the bridges passing over the dam.
11 30 h. – Instuctions and short training course.
12 00 h. – 12 30 h. – We`ll jump in the kayaks and get into the water.
12 30 h. – 17 30 h. – We`ll start paddling along the rock formation “Wonderful Rocks” in the vicinity of the village of Asparuhovo.
17 30 h. – Going back to the starting point and get ready to depart.
The “Tsonevo” dam lake is situated in the valley of Luda Kamchiya River, at the foot of East Stara Planina. The dam lake is the third largest one in Bulgaria, situated on water area of 17300 acres. The clear and warm waters make it suitable for both irrigation and waters supply. The picturesque runway and the adjacent wooded slopes make the place very suitable for traditional and alternative tourism and leisure.