Malyovithsa hiking day tour

One day hike to Malyovitsa peak

Day hike to Malyovitsa in Rila Mountain

   Malyovitsa hut

   Malyovitsa peak


Meet you early in the morning, pick you up at Sofia and transfer to the beginning of the tour. We will go on a round trip through the valley of Malyovitsa river until we reach the top and then we will return. We have 40min. hike to Malyovitsa hut from the parking. After a short rest, we start to cross the beautiful valley. This part is almost flat. At the end of the valley we reach a serious elevation and rocky path. That is the real face of Malyovitsa. After the first attack to that height we reach "Elena's lake", a perfect place for a short break. Soon we step to the main ridge. We see a perfect view to the valley surrounded by high crests. All around us we can observe by impressive peaks and Rila monastery looks so close to us from the top. We need less than an hour to reach the very emblematic summit and enjoy the incredible views. Finally, we will drive you back to the city.

During the hike, you will experience an elevation gain of 900 meters. The duration of the hike will be 8 hours and the whole trip will be around 11-12 hours long. Consequently, it is a requirement for this program to have prior mountaineering experience and a good physical condition.


Trekking Botev Peak

Two days trekking Botev peak

Two days snowshoeing to Botev peak

   Pleven hut

   Botev peak 2,376 metres (7,795 ft)

   Central Bаlkan National Park declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Day 1

Welcome ot Bulgaria
Meet you at Sofia or Veliko Tarnovo and transfer you to the Apriltsi located at the foot of Stara planina. We will go to the starting point (5 km far from the town). Our target is Botev hut located under the peak at 2210m. We can reach Botev hut for roughly 6 hours and Elevation change of +- 1400m.
First we will reach Pleven hut after overcome 450m Elevation . After warming up we cross the forest above the hut and reach the hardest part called “Mlechi chal” it is high ridge lead close to Botev hut.
Welcome to Bulgaria and congratulations you overcame your first 1.4km Elevation in our mountains.

Day 2

The Summit
The peak is close, less than an hour and we are there. Only 170m Elevation to the summit. We in the middle of Bulgaria and if the Mountain reveal it’s secrets we can see stunishing views. After we will go down and maybe someday will go back to Stara planina again….

Pirin Bezbog Bulgaria trekking

Trekking in Pirin mountain



   Pirin National Park declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site
   Bezbog hut
   Popovo lake
  Tevno lake 
  Vihren peak 2,914 metres (9,560 ft) Balkans' third highest


Day 1 - Welcome ot Bulgaria
Meet you at the Sofia or Plovdiv and transfer you to the Dobrinishte located in the foot of Pirin mountains. We will not spend so much time here following our plan to go high in the mountains. Will drive to the lift station and dicide togather, according to the time which is the better way to start the tour: with lift or walking. Anyway, the final spot for the day will be Bezbog hut - one of the newest huts in Pirin. We will spend a night here. (3,75 km; 2,5 hrs of walking, climbing and descending 640m/2100ft)

Day 2 - Hello Pirin
The trail this day is quite difficult but relatively short. From Bezbog hut, we walk along a soft path to Popovo Lake. Then we continue along a steep stony path to Samodivski Lakes, which is also the last place where we can pour water, although directly from the river. After about an hour and a half from Bezbog hut, we reach the crystal clear Popovo Lake, the island in the middle of the lake looks like a tadpole's cap.
From here up the trail is challenging. The terrain is almost entirely stony and rugged. The climb up is almost to the top of Kralev Dvor or the Kraledvorska porta located at its foot. We take a breather after crossing the heights and in front of us opens the spacious view of the extensive Belemeto circus, in which Tevno Lake and the shelter of the same name are located. There is not one last slog left on the stony path and we take the straight path to the shelter, admiring Mt. Kamenitsa in front of us. Tevno Lake hut is a small hut without special amenities, but this is the only one suitable for overnight in the heart of the mountain.
(8 km; 4,5 hrs of walking, climbing, and descending 414m/1360ft)

Day 3 - In the heart of the mountain
This is a day of breaking into the lower parts of Pirin. However, this does not make the transition any easier. We will take the following trail:  Tevno lake - Banderishka porta - Banderishka chukar peak - Donchovi guards - decl. under Muratov peak - Muratovo lake - h. A whirlwind. To the Vihren hut, the marking takes us through the Banderishki gate to the Bunderishki chukar peak. We pass by the typical Pirin mountain landslides of huge rock blocks. From here we take the ridge, admiring the endless picturesque panoramas. After that, we descend along Moratovo lake to h. Vihren, where we will spend the night.
(12 km; 7 hrs of walking, climbing and descending 763m/2503ft)

Day 4 - Vihren peak
After breakfast, we will climb up to Mt. Vihren, which is the second highest peak in Bulgaria, but perhaps the most difficult of the peaks. After we get down, we won't forget to stop by the Baikusheva mura - the biggest tree in Bulgaria.
(6 km; 5,5 hrs of walking, climbing and descending 964m/2300ft)

*The tour can be easily rearranged depending on your preferences and needs.



Raisko praskalo waterfall

Mt. Botev three days trekking

Botev peak summer trekking

   Botev peak 2376m

   "Raisko praskalo" waterfall


Day 1  (Hello Old Mountain)

Meet you at the Sofia airport and transfer you to the beginning of the tour in Kalofer. The trail starts from Panicite area and after a few hours of walking we are at Rai hut. We will overnight here.
(8,0 km; 4,5 hrs of walking, climbing 690m/2264ft)

Day2 (The summit)

We get up early after breakfast and head northwest. We will enjoy the beauty of the highest waterfall in the Balkans - the Paradise Sprinkler (Raiskoto Praskalo) (124.5m) before we take on Tarzan Trail (about 1 km). The route involves overcoming the Paradise Rocks in their westernmost part. Although the trail is named after meteorologist and mountaineer Todor Bozhkov - Tarzan, who suffered misfortune on it, it is not so scary under normal weather conditions. It is important not to underestimate it and just a little more concentration is needed. Above the Paradise Rocks, we walk on the path (2km) along the rounded slopes of Mt. Botev until we get to the weather station on the very top. We will take time for rest and photography, then descend west to Botev shelter. Will have lunch and tea here. We head west along the southern slopes of the mountain and admire the view at our feet. Our goal is to Vasil Levski hut. It is the first and oldest hut in Stara Planina and the third in Bulgaria. It is part of the international route E3 Kom-Emine. It will soon be 90 years since its construction. About 10 minutes from here is Karlovsko praskalo waterfall, which is about 30 meters high.
(13,5 km; 7,5 hrs of walking, climbing 947m/3107ft descending 1025m/3363)

Day3 (Descending)

The last day of our adventure is completely filled with going down to the town of Karlovo, which does not make it any easier. The crossing passes through the Stara reka reserve. The trail looks easy and gentle, but in fact it overcomes more than 1000 m of elevation gain. On the way we pass two more huts - Balkan Roses and Hubavets, which are about 45-50 minutes from each other. If you have time, we will stop by the Black Splash waterfall. After the Hubavets hut, the path descends steeply into the Stara Reka canyon and exits in the town of Karlovo at Suchurum waterfall.
(10,00 km; 5 hrs of walking, descending 1000m/3280ft)
*The tour can be easily rearranged depending on your preferences and needs.

Rila lakes and monastery

Six days in Rila mountain

Rila lakes and Monastery trip

   7 Rila lakes

   Skakavitsa waterfall

   Maliovitsa peak

  Rila monastery 

  Amazing panoramic viewpoints


Day 1

Meet you at the Sofia airport and transfer you to the hotel at the beginning of the tour.

Day2 (Zeleni preslap - Skakavitsa hut - Skakavitsa waterfall - Rila lakes hut - Seven lakes hut)

(7,50 km; 4 hrs of walking, climbing and descending 700m/2300ft)

Day3 (Seven lakes hut - Seven Rila lakes - Ivan Vazov hut)

(7,50 km; 4 hrs of walking, climbing and descending 700m/2300ft)

Day4 (Ivan Vazov hut - Maliovitsa peak - Maliovitsa hut)

(7,50 km; 4 hrs of walking, climbing and descending 700m/2300ft)

Day5 (Maliovitsa hut - "Scary" lake - Rila monastery)

(7,50 km; 4 hrs of walking, climbing and descending 700m/2300ft)

Day6 (Departure)