How to signing up for an adventure

The deal is sealed for both parties immediately after the customer has paid the necessary deposit of the full service and transportation price, on time. By paying this deposit the client/participant declares that he accepts all the conditions initially described regarding the trip or service booked.

How to reserve an adventure:

1. Contact us by phone or email.

2. Check if there any available slots for the particular adventure on the particular date you have chosen.

3. Once you pick your date, deposit 50% of the value of the adventure by conducting whichever means of payment is convenient for you. This deposit is considered to be a contract between you, the client, and Bultiym Adventures. This deposit guarantees you that our team will organize the event and obligates you to pay the rest of the quoted price to Bulteam Adventures.

4. The remaining amount is due to be paid to Bulteam Adventures by the customer before the respective scheduled event or adventure journey has finished.

How to make a deposit:

Upon request of organizing an adventurous journey or an event, you are due to pay a deposit of 50% of the final cost of the service per person (unless stated otherwise stated). If the full amount of the deposit is not paid at least 7 days before the date of the program, your reservation will be canceled.

How to pay the full price:

The remaining amount is due to be paid by the customer before the respective scheduled service is done.

Cancellation of an adventure:

If you have made a reservation, you can cancel it anytime, but Bulteam adventures are not due to return any deposits and payments to customers who did it in the last minute. Failure to appear at the scheduled hour and place will also be considered a cancellation, so no refunds will apply in that case, as well.

Bulteam Adventures reserves the right to cancel a scheduled event. In this case, all deposits will be refunded to the customer. Bulteam Adventures also reserves the rights to change the date of the booked event and reschedule it for another time. If the customer is unable to attend the event at the new time, then Bulteam Adventures is required to heal the amounts deposited with the exception of force majeure cases. Those are circumstances which occurred after the customer has paid the deposit for the program resulting from unpredictable, irreversible and uncontrollable events such as war, natural disasters, epidemics, strikes, car accidents, and more.

If the adventure program has already started, but unexpected events, which Bulteam Adventures cannot control (a storm, earthquake, etc.) appear, we will heal 50% of the total cost for the program. Bulteam Adventures, however, cannot be held liable for a total or partial failure to conduct a scheduled event as a result of force majeure.


All participants are required to comply with the instructions, given in advance, during the upfront training. Bulteam Adventures cannot be held liable for any consequences, which occurred, as a result of the customer’s failure to follow the instructions and guidance provided by the instructors.

For any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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