Kayaking day tour Kamcha river

Kamchia river kayaking


  Paddling in “Kamchia” biosphere reserve

  Relaxing on a desert beach

  Lunch in a restaurant nearby the river

Day 1
10-00 h. – Arrival in the Kamchia Resort
10 30 h. – Instructions and short training course
11 00 h. – We are going to paddle with the kayaks upstream and explore the wonderful nature in the park. A real wild kayaking adventure. When we decide, we`ll turn back downstream all the way to the sea and we`ll enjoy the peace and the beauty of the endless Kamchia beach.
13 30 h. – 14 00 h. – We will take a rest and enjoy the sun on the longest beach in Bulgaria.
14 00 h. – 14 30 h. – We`ll jump back in the kayaks and we`ll go back to the starting point.
14 30 h. – 16 00 h. – Have a lunch in a beautiful restaurant on the riverbank.
16 30 h. – Departure from the park.
Kamchia biosphere reserve has spectacular scenery with a large variety of plants and animal species. You can observe them from a different point of view. Be an adventurer kayaker, do something different and run away from everyday life. We promise full enjoyment for the adventurers.

Tsonevo Kayaking day

Kayaking Tsonevo Dam lake


  Amazing nature of the dam

  “Chudnite skali” (Wonderful Rocks) natural wonder

  Abandoned Tower

Day 1
10 30 h. – Meeting in Asparuhovo village
11 00 h. – Arriving to the starting point – near the bridges passing over the dam.
11 30 h. – Instuctions and short training course.
12 00 h. – 12 30 h. – We`ll jump in the kayaks and get into the water.
12 30 h. – 17 30 h. – We`ll start paddling along the rock formation “Wonderful Rocks” in the vicinity of the village of Asparuhovo.
17 30 h. – Going back to the starting point and get ready to depart.
The “Tsonevo” dam lake is situated in the valley of Luda Kamchiya River, at the foot of East Stara Planina. The dam lake is the third largest one in Bulgaria, situated on water-area of 17300 acres. The clear and warm waters make it suitable for both irrigation and waters supply. The picturesque runway and the adjacent wooded slopes make the place very suitable for traditional and alternative tourism and leisure.


Duration: 1day
Average daily activities: 4 hours
Average paddling duration: 2,5 hours
Meeting point: Kamchia fishing village
Activity level: RELAX


Accommodation: no accommodation
Food: BBQ, salads and drinks in a restaurant nearby the river
Group: Min. 2; Max. 14 participants


pax 2-3 4-7 8-10 10-12
price 72€ 65€ 52€ 40€

Price includes:
• Instructor/ Guide
• Training
• Full kayaking equipment (tandem kayaks, life jackets, paddles)
• Lunch
• Transport from Varna


• Spare clothes
• A spare pair of sports shoes
• Towel
• Light sweater
• Flip-flops
• Swimming suit
• Sun Hat and Sunglasses

Trip Code: KKR • 1 day • Every day


Every day from April to October by request


Distance from:
• Varna - 90 km
• Burgas - 75 km
• Sunny Beach - 80 km

Start from Varna, Burgas, Sunny Beach by request


Devil river kayaking

Devil river kayaking tour

The daveil river day tour with kayaks

The Davil bay


Rest in nature


In the middle of summer, what could be better than a scenic kayak trip along a creek near the sea? Dyavolska river is located in Southeastern Bulgaria, Primorsko municipality, and flows into Dyavolska Bay on the Black Sea. It is about this place that there are myths and legends about dragons, vampires, and supernatural beings that appeared to shepherds and local people in the forest in the most bizarre forms. However, the fact is undeniable that there is a very strong energy here, which is at its peak during the summer solstice. According to belief, wishes come true at sunrise. We hope it sounds interesting to you.

Day 1
We gather in the morning around 9:30 in Primorsko at the starting point. We will meet each other and head to our starting point to enter the kayaks. There we will conduct Training and Instruction on proper paddling, handling, and behavior in the kayak. We have plenty of time to walk a large part of the mysterious Devil's River, and we hope it will share some of its secrets with us. Its calm waters are a great place to relax. We will paddle a few hours upstream, enjoying the wonderful greenery of the surrounding forest.
We find a suitable place to hang out and indulge in a well-deserved rest. So, engrossed in stories and enjoying the newly acquired kayaking skills, we head back to Devil's Bay, where our kayaking trip ends. The tiredness in the hands and the smiles on the faces will long bring back memories of those wonderful moments of water sports and the first experience in kayaks.

Shiroka polina kayaking tour

Kayaking day tour Shiroka poliana lake

Two days in western Rhodope mountain

  Shiroka Poliana dam lake 

  Eternal pine forests

  Wild camping (option)

Day 1
We leave together with organized transport or meet at a previously specified point, around the dam lake. If necessary, we can recommend or organize an overnight stay in the area to facilitate logistics before the tour. Before noon on the appointed day, we go to the Rhodope Mountains. Without wasting time we gather the group and as expected organize a short safety briefing. The kayaks are already on the shore of the reservoir. The day is planned for a tour of the dam, which is far from being among the largest reservoirs in Bulgaria, but if we try to get the most out of it, we need almost the whole day. The scenery is stunning. In calm weather, the water is like a mirror, reflecting the dark green pine forests and the cotton clouds above. The plan is to do a full-day walk with short breaks on one of the hard-to-reach islets. In the evening, after going out, we will organize a bivouac around the dam, where we will camp or stay in one of the guest houses in the area.

Day 2
Optional we could include some other adventure tours nearby. There are available kayaking tours, canyoning adventures, or sightseeing day treks.

Kayaking Studen Kladenets Rhodope

Kayaking Studen Kladenets

Two days kayaking in Central Rhodope Mountains

  Studen Kladenets dam lake

  Konevski waterfall

  Darets village

  Muflons island

  The longest cable-stayed bridge in Bulgaria

Day 1
Travel, Lisitsite bridge and Middle Arda
Start traveling early in the morning to have a time enough for paddling. In early afternoon we are at Shiroko pole village ready for paddling. Unload the equipment and organize the short training trying to know each other. This day will paddle to the longest rope bridge in Bulgarian situated cross the lake to the village of Lisitsite. The bridge I the only way to the village. We will see the from the lake and paddling back east to the middle Arda region. We will find our hosts there in the house at the rocks next to the dam lake.

Day 2
Muflon’s island, the waterfall, the rocks reserve, Darets village
After the breakfast we will start our full day paddling to the most remote parts of the lake. We always try to mix the activity with a relaxing ours at some picturesque spot. The plan is to land the Muflon’s island and take a rest. After we will fallow the lake and choose our lunch spot. The next point in our journey is Konevski waterfall hidden in a tiny gorge next flouting the lake. We will pass the rocky shore home of slaughtered eagles and vultures. Our afternoon break we take on forgotten village Darets where the only way to go is by the boat. Will go back to the house around before sunset and we definitely need a rest and diner at the terrasse next to the lake.

Day 3
Perperishka river (morning paddle)
After the morning coffee we jump into the kayaks again planning the short route to Perperishka river just few km away from the house. The river is surrounded by 90 meters high rocks and you feel really small. After that we will paddle back to Siroko pole where is our transportation and say good bay to this beautiful area of Bulgaria.

Kayaking Rhodope Kardjali

Kayaking Kardzhali Dam lake

Two days kayaking in Central Rhodope Mountains

  Kardzhali dam lake 

  Patmos antint fortres

  Arda river

  Borovitsa hut

  Utroba cave

Day 1

Day 2

Kayaking Bulgaria Burgas

Mandrensko lake kayaking



  Untouched wildlife

  Via pontica

  Beautifull bulgarian vilages

Day 1
10 00 h – Meeting at the exit ot Burgas or pick you up from the hotel.
10 30 h – Arrival at the entry point
10 30 h – 11 00 h - Instuctions and short training course.
11 00 h – 14 30 h – Paddling in the lake, enjoing the fresh air and the beauty of this quiet area.
14 30 h - 15 00 - Lunch break
17 00 h – Jump back to the kayaks and paddling to the exit point.

Zhrebchevo kayaking

Zhrebchevo kayaking daytour

Zhrebchevo kayaking day

  Tundja river

  Church St. Ivan Rilski

  Zhrebchevo dam lake

Day 1

10 00 h – Meeting in the village of Bania. https://goo.gl/maps/TjdhkPAU2a7qii9SA
10 30 h – Arrival at the entry point and unload the boats.
10 30 h – 11 00 h - Instuctions and short training course.
11 00 h – 14 00 h – Paddling in the lake, enjoing the views, the beauty of nature.
14 00 h – Have a lunch at the lakeside.
14 00 h – 16 00 h - Jump back to the kayaks and paddling to the exit point near the Church St. Ivan Rilski.
16 30 h - Departure

Kayaking Stamboliiski

Kayaking Stambolyiski dam

Kayaking Stambolyiski dam

  Rositsa river

  Ancient castle “Hotalich“

  Fishermans villages

  Traditional Bulgarian foods

Day 1

Our meeting is between 9 and 10 am in Veliko Tarnovo. We will meet and together we will go to the starting point on the bank of the Alexander Stamboliyski dam. As usual, we will prepare the equipment and do training for beginners. We will spread out among the boats and load everything we need for the next few hours. Then we "jump" into the kayaks and set sail on the clear waters of the dam. After only fifteen minutes we are already in the widest part to enjoy the peace and quiet. Just below us is the land of the former village of Bara, whose inhabitants were evicted in 1952. for the dam to be built. We go to the narrower part, where the dam passes through a rocky gorge. There we will stop and take pictures under the exposed rocks. After a few more bends, the dam narrows, and our rowing continues upstream of the Rositsa River, where all around the dam is overgrown with lush deciduous forest. We will find a suitable place to hang out for a rest and an afternoon snack. When we have rested well and are recharged with new forces, we will take back to the beginning, where the transport is waiting for us.
In the area of the Mladen village, Sevlievo Municipality, on the right bank of the lake, you can find facilities for recreation and water sports.“Alexander Stamboliyski” allows for short or long stays and provides excellent opportunities for fishing. Keen fishers can expect to find carp, perch, catfish, and pike. And if you’re into water sports, here you can enjoy some paddling and sailing, windsurfing, and water skiing.
All facilities and guest homes have water and electricity supplies, but you should bring your own food or dine in the nearest villages or towns. In the distance you can see the cranes of the harbor, the shore is covered with a rush and hundreds of seagulls hover over the boats. This accessible and wild place gives us the chance to escape from the dynamics and enter the water serenity, within 10 minutes away from the city.

Kayaking Yantra River

Kayaking Yantra river

Yantra river kyakiking day tour

  Kolyu Ficheto’s Bridge

  Beautiful nature


  Bulgarian villages

Day 1

10 00 h – Meeting at the bri dge of Nikola Ficheto near Byala town, north from Veliko Tarnovo.
10 30 h – Organise the eqipment and take an instuctions and short kayaking training course.
11 00 – 15 00 h. – Paddling with the kayaks downstream, enjoing the peace and the beauty of the nature around the river.
16 00 – Exiting near village of Beltsov and departure.
A special feature of the river are the many gorges it forms by crossing the Forebalkan area, the largest one being close to Veliko Tarnovo, 7 km in length, albeit actually two times longer due to the river’s many turns.